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L. Johnson Project

This house was too small for L. Johnson, an attorney in Portland Oregon, and her son, so she decided to take the plunge and make changes. She moved herself and son to an apartment while her house got a complete redo from the bottom up.

“I had no experience with a remodeling project at all when I undertook a complete makeover and addition of a second story.  I feel really lucky to have managed to hire a great contractor.  Rich Dixon did all the right things.

​The initial construction contract was simple and clear.  Rich understood the aesthetic I was aiming for and seemed to appreciate the respect I had for my original little house.  Despite all the homework I’d done, there were plenty of gaps in my plans and lists that he and his crew could help fill from their long experience with homes the same age as mine.

Rich, Jason, Mark and the rest of the crew did a wonderful job of communicating with my architect and me (thank goodness for cell phones and e-mail) –- of alerting me to deadlines for decisions and of issues with decisions I thought I’d already made.  It was easy to make a record of change orders and we didn’t have any trouble discussing those issues as they came up.  I really enjoyed working with them and I feel pleased and proud about the result!”

N. Johnson – Before and After Shots

“From the very start, when we visited the job site, the crew appeared to be a happy bunch of people, which we were very impressed with. Working with Jason was a rewarding experience. I can say, with out a doubt, that this man cares a lot about the clients and his crew. He always has a smile on his face, which made us feel comfortable about talking to him about any detail of the job. We especially liked working with Stan who any one would be lucky to have working on a big job like ours was. He is a work horse and completes his tasks from start to finish without loose details. Also, Weston was fantastic with the tile work he did in our bathroom—he worked tirelessly to create something beautiful for us.

We were lucky in that we had another place to live while they were adding the second story onto our house. As the project evolved we were there often observing the work and making decisions. Plus it was fun playing walnut bowling with the crew. Our walnut tree was having a bumper crop that year and we had a special game going. Everyone was good natured and comfortable to be with.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dixon Remodeling to anyone. In fact Dixon just did a very small job for a friend of mine. She was actually embarrassed at how small it was, but Jason fixed her problem with very little effort…and again, with a smile on his face. She was very grateful that he was honest with her and he saved her a lot of money. I’m sure she will go back to Dixon with any larger remodeling needs she may have in the future.

We love how our home turned out. Folks from the neighborhood love how it blends in too. Dixon Remodeling’s quality and professionalism made the job fun, rather than the nightmare it could have been!”

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