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“Which windows are appropriate for my home?”

Windows come in a large variety of material and style.

Material of the Window:

​Wood windows, which are the most expensive, are typically more historical and in keeping with a traditional period of a house or structure; and can be painted or stained and varnished in any color both inside and out with no problem.

Vinyl windows are also nice but are difficult to replicate to an earlier period.  They come in only a few neutral colors; white, ivory, and taupe. This limits the color effect of both the interior and exterior painting of the home.  There is now a product on the market being promoted to paint vinyl windows but it is not advisable at this time.

Aluminum windows are a third option, however in most cases won’t meet energy codes.

Window Types:

Casement Windows are the type that swing open and close. These come in a variety of sizes and styles with different types of hardware.

Awning Windows are a type of casement window which swings up from the bottom to open.

​The hinges are on the top.

Double Hung Windows are very popular.  They slide up or down to open.

Fixed or Picture Windows are non-opening windows. ​Windows can be mulled together forming window units of 2, 3, or 4 etc.

Some period homes have eloquent 
bay windows, window seats or French windows. These add a classical beauty and character to the home which lasts throughout time. Thus, it is worth the investment when remodeling to use period design windows to keep the original design of the window.