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Portland, Oregon is known for it’s vast communities of beautiful houses that are diverse in size and style, that Dixon Remodeling has the pleasure of helping create.

There is no home improvement job that Dixon Remodeling can’t do.

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Established in 1983 by Richard and Kathy Dixon in the heart of Sellwood, Dixon Remodeling has been a longstanding and successful business which has flourished and expanded over the years.​
Just recently, they have decided to turn the helm over to one of their first Carpenters, Jason Reid. Jason leads this team of creative and talented craftsmen and carpenters and follows the lead of the Dixon’s by providing aesthetic and high quality jobs.


Dixon Remodeling & Restoration was established in 1983 by Richard and Kathy Dixon, in the heart of Sellwood in Portland, Oregon. For over 35 years Dixon Remodeling has been a successful remodeling company, which is well-known throughout Portland. ​

Jason Reid has been one of their best Master Carpenters for 25 years and in the last year he has taken over for the Dixon’s as they retire happily after 38 years in the business. The Dixon’s trust Jason to carry on their tradition of Artistic Quality, speed and follow-through on each job. Jason follows their motto of delivering superlative service which goes above and beyond what each client expects and this remains the main focus on each job Dixon Remodeling does.

​ The Dixon Remodeling Team has years of experience in doing every type of job you would desire for your home. Anything from Bathrooms to Basements and 2nd Story Additions to Kitchens, we will be able to create your home just the way you want it.

Green Remodeling

Dixon Remodeling is proud to be a GREEN-FRIENDLY business striving to meet standards, which help to improve the planet we all live on.​ We believe it is important to respect the planet as it is the foundation with which we build upon. We work hard to keep up with new methods to preserve and safeguard our environment. Some of our efforts include:

  • 1. Low or No VOC Paint
  • 2. No Added Urea-Formaldehyde Cabinets
  • 3. Sustainable Products
  • 4. Recycled Content of Products
  • 5. CFL and LED Lighting
  • 6. Green Flooring
  • 7. Reusing/Reclaiming Materials On-Site
  • 8. Insulation

Our goal is to assist you in achieving your needs while keeping our environment clean! Also, this does not create a major difference in the amount of time or cost it takes to complete your project!


From decks and sunrooms, to full kitchen and bathroom additions, every year our company, Dixon Remodeling, is interested in expanding and introducing ourselves to new clients.


Now is a very good time to add on to one’s home.


Windows come in a large variety of material and style.


Now here is a subject that gets a lot of people’s attention.


This generation does so love their bathrooms don’t they.


The banks often offer and change their Home Equity Loan Programs. Here is some helpful

Attic Conversions

If one is unable to add on to one’s home, perhaps adding space by converting


A dormer, which is a vertical window or group of windows projecting

General Remodeling

We have a wealth of ideas and professional people who can help you with any aspect

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