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This generation does so love their bathrooms don’t they. Whether you are a shower person or a bath person, the bathroom can be a relaxing private and peaceful sanctuary!

There are many options to remodeling your bathroom or adding a bathroom, but the most important thing to keep in mind is the structure of your plumbing and the ventilation of your bathroom.  Does that sound banal, mundane, or even wearisome? Truly. However, we must put on our thinking cap and deal with it, as it is the plumbing system that brings luxuries to our homes which we take for granted every day. But don’t worry. The plumber’s best kept secret is logic and common sense. This is all very elementary and basic, and valuable information for the future whether you plan to resell your house or stay there the rest of your lives.

Remember flows take the easiest route. So, keep your plumbing simple. For a basement bathroom installation for example, drain lines require a downhill slope of one quarter inch per linear foot. Take measurements to determine whether your plan allows for that.  If “A” is the depth of the center of the main line at the tie-in point and “B” the future depth of the horizontal pipe beneath the drain, then A-B x 4 + the maximum length of feet of the drain line from the main to the end of the horizontal pipe under the drain.  A simple way of determining the above is to hire a company who does sewer scopes. This uses a camera which is inserted in the drain to determine elevations. It is relatively inexpensive and runs around $100 to $200.

If the above equation doesn’t work with your plan you can locate fixtures closer to the line or install a sewage ejection pump. Depending on your area codes for this vary.

You can create a ‘pre-plan’ by marking out the whole bathroom on the floor; walls, toilet, sink, shower and the drain lines. This is a great way to try different layouts.

Unknown to some, an upstairs bathroom addition does not need to be right above the downstairs bathroom. As long as the drain-waste vent system and the water-supply system are well connected and done per code, a bathroom can be added in most locations in the house, space permitting of course.

If you are embarking on a project on your own with little experience, the library is a very good resource for basic plumbing knowledge. Otherwise, professional contractors and plumbers can answer any questions you may have and their years of experience with all types of situations can be a great advantage for those who don’t have an abundance of time on their hands!

There are many varieties of sinks with cabinets, pedestal sinks for smaller spaces, showers, bathtubs, and fixtures to go with them. Most contractors can direct you to places with showrooms to see representative pieces and prototypes to get an idea of sizes, types, and colors.

Magazines and online searches provide ideas for color schemes and textures. For example, if you have no window in your bathroom and don’t have a good location to add a window where you want your bathroom to be, a cheerful color over some white wainscot or tile can be a good substitute for lack of natural light. 

There are many shades of whites by the way, possibly an infinite amount. Choose your colors in the space with the lighting you will have as light reflects on paint and tile differently. For a windowless bathroom, different shades of white textures and tile can be quite beautiful. When choosing your tiles or solid surfaces such as marble, etc… keep in mind that strong contrasts will make the overall effect more ornate and possibly overdone. For example, matching the grout color to the tile color is less busy. A marble with subtle or similar colored veining is less bold than one with higher amounts of veining and more varying vein colors.

Space permitting, a vinyl awning window is often inserted above the wet line over the tub or in a shower.”

Ventilation is critical in any room in the house which emits excessive moisture creating mold and mildew; and of course, that is the case with bathrooms. Windows can be added but are usually done so with the proper location, type of window and size; especially if the space is compact.  Vinyl awning windows are attractive looking and easy to crank open and shut. They will let the moisture out when positioned properly.

Also, to avoid mildew, a Panasonic Whisper Exhaust Fan with a timer switch can always be installed and highly recommended. They are almost silent and move an amazing amount of cubic feet of air per minute from the bathroom.

At Dixon Remodeling, we strive to give our clients the most quality in service and advice. In turn they may enjoy the result of their project for years to come!