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General Remodeling

What kind of homes are usually remodeled? Older homes? Newer homes? The answer is any home can be remodeled. It could be you have just purchased a vintage home but the interior or exterior needs updating either structurally or cosmetically. Perhaps you purchased a new home just a few years back and you need more space for a new family member, or you started a home business. Sometimes people just want to open some rooms up to change a floor plan.

We have a wealth of ideas and professional people who can help you with any aspect of remodeling your home from picking colors, to textures and tiling. Types of woodwork pertaining to specific periods can greatly enhance an area as well. Augmentation of existing space such as converting underutilized areas or adding on can easily be accomplished with plans and forethought. Anything from updating a kitchen or a bathroom, to converting an attic or a basement to constructing and ADU as a mother-in-law apartment or guest house.

Local ordinances and building codes will be adhered to.