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Kitchen Remodeling!

Now here is a subject that gets a lot of people’s attention—and it should.  After all, the kitchen has always been a focal point of fun activity and production in the home.

Browse our site below and see if anything strikes your fancy.  If you have a question which is not answered below, email us and your question will be researched and answered as soon as possible.

What type of cabinets should I choose for my new kitchen?

Cabinets are usually the main focal point of a kitchen for most people.  The lighting will also be essential to create the mood in the kitchen.

​When choosing your cabinets, form and layout, it is important to make sure the kitchen remodel includes the electrical placement needed for your kitchen equipment and for lighting  Many different effects can be created using lighting.  A bright light is used when working and to create a cheerful atmosphere.  Softer lighting is used when the mood is romantic or to have a relaxing atmosphere.  Think about the holidays.  You may have special lighting for your holiday décor and will need to ensure you have the proper placement of outlets needed.  Some cabinets come with glass pane doors and a light inside which can be turned off or on and dimmers can be used to dim or brighten the light.

If you have the structure and form needed with the cabinets you have but still want something new, re-facing or replacing the doors on the existing cabinets is an option and considerably less expensive.

​There are many cabinet styles and materials to choose from.

​Wood cabinets are the most preferred.  Is your kitchen dark or light?  Is it Old World Style or is it Modern?  Is it colorful or neutral?  What type of textures do you prefer for your counter top?  Do you like tile, solid surface, quartzstone, granite, wood, stainless steel?

Wood comes in a variety of stains, colors and styles.

Mahogany is elegant and used for a dramatic contrast.  It is usually stained a dark brown with a red tint to it.  For an older period home such as Victorian it fits in well, but is a more expensive wood.

Oak is a strong, dense wood that will hold up to everyday use and can accept stain well.  It can be of a striped looking grain or be cut so as to have a consistent less striking and more subtle grain such as the Mission style cabinets.  It has a yellowish hue.

Maple cabinets are very popular and can be stained light colors (it does not absorb dark stain well), or clear coated for a light and cheerful ambiance.  They are a pinkish hue when new but throughout the years turn to a warmer yellowish tone. Maple is a hard wood.

Pine is a softer wood but looks just right in the country style kitchen with it knobby grain. It can be stained, or painted as in the photo below.

Depending on what type of architecture your house is, there are many types of cabinets to choose from to enhance your kitchen.  There are old world style cabinets with open shelves and glass paned doors.  Some of these are very rich looking especially if you have dishes and glassware which hold their own on display.  This style would be suitable for a Bungalow, Victorian, or Arts and Crafts period home.